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To be successful, businesses must offer a product that is in demand. To thrive, this business must re-tool their product methods to cut down on waste while increasing profitability. The latter is the crux of “lean manufacturing” and skilled consultants can guide a company through best practices to ensure that the way they go about day-to-day operations is as streamlined and clutter-free as possible. The idea itself dates back to the days of Henry Ford and the first automobiles, but even this revolutionary idea wasn’t as optimized as it could be. In the century since, lean manufacturing experts have been able to hone in on key aspects of production and which ones can be done just a little bit better. The end result, of course, is more goods sold, less materials wasted and a workforce whose skills and being put to use as best as possible.

Baton Rouge resident Todd Shupe is one such professional in the field of lean manufacturing. Combined with his credentials in wood science and forestry, Shupe’s insight into natural resources and production involving them is unrivaled. Todd Shupe earned his Bachelor’s Degree in forestry from the University of Illinois, his Master’s Degree in wood science from the University of Illinois and currently holds a Ph.D. in wood science. Such an education lends itself to picking up on the nuanced movements of workers, the number of defects encountered in products and downtime along the assembly line – all of which are hallmarks of lean manufacturing.

Currently, the field of bio-energy and bio-chemicals are investigating the use of smaller diameter timber for production purposes. This is a two-fold issue for someone with a background like Shupe, who recognize both the need to harvest fewer trees — or at least re-seed afterward – and modernize production methods so evolving industries are carrying out lean manufacturing processes to the best of their ability. For companies looking to cut down on their  waste and product variability and increase profit/loss, Shupe is a skilled consultant from Baton Rouge who can suggest methods that he learned from his own education and in-the-field experience.

“So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.”  Matthew 7:17 (ESV)